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13 Plan Payments

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The Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee for the Trenton Vicinage (covering Warren,
Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean and most of Burlington
Counties) has announced that starting this summer they will institute a program for
electronic transfer of regular monthly Chapter 13 Trustee Plan payments. This will be a
considerable convenience for Chapter 13 Debtors.

This program will permit Chapter 13 Debtors to register on line with the Trustee’s
program and then electronically transfer their required plan payment. The transfer
will cost $1.50 per use, but this is less than the cost for a bank check and even most
money orders. The transfers will not be automatic or recurring and only deducted from
the Debtor’s bank account by logging on and submitting this request. Therefore, it will
be imperative that the funds are available upon submission or future use of the program
will be denied.

For more information, please visit the Trustee’s website at russotrustee.com and click
EPAY, or contact our Chapter 13 coordinator Marc Esterow at Extension #4005.